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Your local plumber. Howard County MD area.  All your plumbing needs. Plumber in Howard County.  Plumbing Services.  Columbia, Ellicott City, Marriottsville, Woodstock, Clarksville, Sykesville, Glenelg, Glenwood, Woodbine, Mt. Airy, Eldersburg, West Friendship, Lisbon, Elkridge, Highland, Brookeville, Laurel, Jessup, Fulton, Savage, West Friendship, Cooksville, Burtonsville, all of Howard County, MD area.  We also service Catonsville, Hanover, and Annapolis Junction, (Parts of Olney, Odenton, Arbutus, Halethorpe. Linthicum, and Silver Spring).  Water heater, sump pump, toilets, faucets, leaks, clogs, kitchen, bathroom, shower, sewer clogs, snake sewer, camera sewer, water service leaks, PRV, shut-off valves, bathtub drain, Laundry tub, sewer ejector pump, washer connections, dryer gas line, fireplace gas lines, gas connections and much more.  All your plumbing and gas needs are covered here. Howard County Plumber

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How Old Is Your Water Heater? Is It Time to Replace It? 

Has It had Maintenance This Year? Be proactive!  Do not wait until your water heater begins to leak and give us a call.  If your water heater is over 10+ years, call us to discuss options for replacement.  We are the factory-authorized reps for State and AO Smith Water heaters; both repairs and replacements.  Are you up to county code?  Do you have an expansion tank and an aluminum safety drain pain?  Call us to discuss this today!

Do I really need an expansion tank on my water heater? 

The answer is yes.  First of all, it's per code in Howard County and the surrounding counties.  Second, it's for the protection of your plumbing system.  When you have a closed plumbing system (one-way valve) which is what most homes in the area have.  This expansion tank will act as an overflow collecting any extra volume of water from flowing into your water heater; protecting it from damage.  In turn, this is also to protect that excess pressure from any damage that could occur in your piping and head back to your appliances.  Things like your faucets dripping, banging pipes, running toilets, and short life on your appliances can all be caused by thermal expansion. 

CLOSED on May 29 For Memorial Day.  Thank you to all those who have served or are serving our country. 

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"I had water running in an outside faucet. Cold weather. Tried turning it all off inside. Had to move items out of storage and get a ladder and go into ceiling to turn off. Did not turn off properly. Called this plumber and he was at my house in 15 minutes and turned me off both main and outside faucet. Came and fixed it all when weather was better. Now, I am having some of the same issues. Not sure I turned it off correctly from inside. They are coming back. VERY receptive and quick when you have emergencies. I hate for them to be too busy when I call. But, they are literally one of the best in Columbia, Maryland for plumbing and other needs. Excellent service."

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Toilet Clogged

Drain Cleaning

Kitchen drain slow

Garbage Disposal

Water leak

Water Heater Install

Water Heater Repair

Sewer Ejector Pump

Sewer Repair

Sewer Pipe

Waste and Vent Pipe

Sanitary Sewer

Sump Pump

Battery Back Up Sump Pump

Hook up Icemaker

Hook up Dishwasher

Faucet Leak / Repair

Toilet Leak / Repair

Toilet Installations

Drain Clogs

Drain Repairs

Water Leaks

Shower head drips

Expansion Tanks

Aluminum Water Heater Pans

Connect Vanity

Install Faucet

Install Toilet

Gas Connections



My sump pump keeps running, is there something wrong? 

Typically our findings will indicate the float is stuck or damaged.  Other possibilities are a non-working float or switch problem.  Call us and we can help.  

Why does the toilet keep running?
Typically the flapper is causing this problem. When the flapper does not close all the way and make a proper seal around the flush valve it can cause your toilet to continue to run.  One way to check this is to jiggle the handle carefully and see if it fixes the problem.  If this fixes the problem then you probably need a new flapper.  They can get worn out or stuck.  Sometimes the chemicals we use to clean our toilets can erode the flappers.  If your flapper does not seal properly your toilet may not fill properly.  Give us a call and we can help you with this.  

New install of Well Pump tank (Wellxtrol) and the entire guage package.

Plumbing services. Call us for any water, sanitary, or gas pipe leaks.  Back-ups and drain clogs are no problem.  Drain cleaning, disposals, furnish and install of fixtures all around your home. General plumbing services. 

Well Pump tank when customer called in asking for replacement

From Goulds and Wellxtrol well pumps, Zoeller sump pumps & sewer ejector pumps.  Give us a call. Our plumbing company offers all your

plumbing needs in one call. ​

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​​​Our company offers extensive plumbing services from the small to the large.  Our plumbers are experienced and ready to handle your plumbing needs.  Our trucks are equipped with the most current parts to the oddest parts.  We want to be prepared for any plumbing situation.  Need gas repairs; we do that too as well as gas line installation.  Water services leaks, sewer and drain problems; no problem.  From the smallest leak to the large; we will service your plumbing needs.  We call our customers when we are on the way and usually schedule within a 2-hour window.  Our GPS system allows us to track our plumbers and let you know when to expect them. Our trucks are fully recognizable with our company name and our technicians will be in uniform.  We want you to feel safe and secure when our technicians are in your home.  We believe in customer service and will answer the phone during our normal business hours.  We want to assist you on the phone as well as in person.  Give us a call today and let us show you how easy getting the plumbing services you need can be.  Having a plumbing problem is no fun; but we can ease the repair process for you with our quality, friendly services.  

AO Smith & State Water Heaters Authorized ​Repair & Installations

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We furnish, install, and service electric, natural gas, and propane water heaters. We are the factory-authorized repair representatives for State and AOSmith water heaters.